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    Sunday January 24, 2010
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Dear Santa Send us some ‘HUMBLE PIE’

Santa, surely you can find this gift for us this year.  We especially want you to make sure that the biggest portion of this pie goes to the man who thinks he is “ten man in one”.


This fantasy he is going around with has made him worse than a dictator. He thinks he is above the law of the land and has refused to even obey what the Courts says  he must do.   ‘Contempt of Court’ is what they call it..


He bosses around the Police and tells them where he will hold his meetings and when - even if somebody else got permission to hold their meeting there first.


Santa, everybody suffers from this man’s ego because, you see, he is the Prime Minister of the country. In this past year of electoral reform, it seems like he was bossing around everybody and telling them what to do. The Attorney General couldn’t stop him. Apparently, the Boundaries Commission boss had to do exactly what he told them to do and they cause so mucha confusion.  If he had his way, everybody would have been butting around this election…wouldn’t know where to vote…. wouldn’t know who was now their representative, and wouldn’t even know if they would be allowed to vote before all the foreigners who seem to  have ID cards too.


When he couldn’t get people to do what he say they must do, he import a lawyer whose head and ego were competing for size. He  was getting on the radio and the TV just backing up the Prime Minister’s  bad habits and telling the Opposition how they don’t have a “snowball chance in hell” winning their cases.  Well, Santa, since he lose every case he had from  the Prime Minister, he will also need a big portion of the HUMBLE PIE you sending.  And he will gobble it up too, because a lot of people believe he is the real COOKIE MONSTER from Sesame Street.  So when he eat that it will make him stay in his dung pan for the whole Christmas and New Year, just muttering to himself and not bothering anybody.


Now if the Prime Minister is ‘ten man in one’, as he says he is, that will mean that his Cabinet must be overcrowded.  So it looks like he trying to push out one man who head size also competing with an oversize ego he has.  This man declares that he is the fifth most intelligent person in the world!! As our grandparents use to say “Two man-crab can’t live in one hole” so Dougie has this man doing the “

Dougie Shuffle”.  He shuffle him from Ministry to Ministry – from Agriculture to Education to Foreign Affairs. But this man really needs a piece of this “humble pie” too for only then he will see clearly and realise what he has to do.


But Santa, there is still another one in Cabinet – a ‘verb man’ who is a ‘yes man’ to the Ten Man in One.  Here again, head size and ego competing. (It seems, Santa, you could recognize them by their head size.  Even the one who sends out propaganda for the PM on a regular basis has a head size-ego problem too.)  Any way, the ‘Verb Man’  come out of the Court the other day when they lose another case, and instead of finding some humble pie to eat and just chill out, he ups and say “We going fire the Judge!!”  Imagine tha!


Santa, what really make me think that HUMBLE PIE would be the best present our leaders could get was when I realize that the Prime Minister WOULD NEVER APOLOGISE  for anything and even when he is proved wrong, he still say he right. When the Court rule that the Boundaries Report was null and void and illegal, he still come out and say he 99% right, and he will only give the other side 1% because he sorry for them!! Too much pride to admit defeat, Santa.


So Santa, you can see what we dealing with. Egos so big that they threaten even the DEMOCRACY we fight hard for. Some humble pie is what we need – in large portions.  For Santa, You know that even in the Bible in 2 Chronicles 7 the Lord himself encourage humility. This is what the Bible say, Santa

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”


This is what we praying for, Santa, the healing of our land.  PLEASE SEND US THE HUMBLE PIE.




Our LOVE, BEST WISHES and CONGRATULATIONS go this week to MS PAM TYSON who has finally been recognized for the dedicated, devoted and pioneering contribution she made to the development of Netball in St. Kitts. Though this recognition has been long in coming, we are still grateful that she has been given her flowers, no matter the motive, for it is truly deserved. Her love for the game cascaded on to the netball girls in whom she took a sincere and personal interest.  Under her love and care, St. Kitts netball ascended to the pinnacle of success in the region and became world class.  We use this time to thank others who also assisted and helped to make Netball great.  Persons like LORNA EDWARDS and CLARITA RICHARDS whose dedicated service to Netball and our country make us all proud.

We congratulate as well the other honorees MR. CALVIN WILKIN  and HON. PAUL SOUTHWELL who also made sterling contributions in the field of Sport… but for us, women, PAMMY is very special.  GOD BLESS.

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