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    Monday January 25, 2010
How do you think that the Denzil Douglas, Labour Administration is doing on the issue of Crime?
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Commonwealth 'did itself some good' at Summit

The Commonwealth went into this Heads of Government meeting under attack as being irrelevant to - or even unknown by - many of its citizens, particularly the young. This summit certainly raised the organization’s global profile, and may have won it wider respect. The decision to grasp the overwhelming global challenge of the times - rising temperatures and climate change - and to invite high-profile leaders from outside the organization had a lot to do with that. The app...

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Honduran Congress to discuss Zelaya's Reinstatement
Deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya

The Honduran Congress is due to discuss whether deposed President Manuel Zelaya should be restored to office to serve out his term which ends in January. Mr. Zelaya, who was ousted in June, has said that he will refuse reinstatement because he does not want "to legitimize a coup". Conservative politician Porfirio Lobo won Sunday's presidential elections, which were con...

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