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You Season 3 Star Talks About ‘Uncomfortable’ Sex Scenes


“You” star Tati Gabrielle revealed how uncomfortable the sex scenes with fellow actor Penn Badgley were.

“You” fans can currently look forward to the third season of their favourite series. The Netflix show is even more successful than “Squid Game”, an enormously popular series by the streaming giant.

Tati Gabrielle was able to look forward to an essential role in the new season. The star is known to fans for her role in “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, in which she was able to gain some experience. There was one thing she didn’t do in “Sabrina”, a sex scene. But she has now ticked them off the kist with the new “You” season. How uncomfortable it was for her and what a great help colleague Penn Badgley was in this situation. The actress recently revealed this in an interview.

“I Went Nuts.”

The 25-year-old plays the librarian Marienne in the new season “You”, who becomes the new object of desire for the main character Joe Goldberg (Badgley).

The two even have an affair. Will that work out well for those involved? At least it led to the young actress’ first sex scene, who wasn’t enthusiastic about it. I went nuts,” Gabrielle recalls in an interview with Page Six. 

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I was so nervous. I told Penn right away that I’d never done anything like this before. He just said, ‘It’ll be all right.’ 

Thanks to a great ‘intimacy coordinator’, everything went smoothly, who helped the actress get an idea of ​​the scene.

 It became more of a choreographed dance, says Gabrielle.

The portrayal of her role was essential to the actress. Gabrielle knew from the start what would happen to her character throughout the season. 

We don’t want to spoil the series for those who haven’t fully watched it yet. Only this much can be said that the makers of the show succeeded in doing that.


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