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Walker Season 2 Episode 5- Release Date, Plot , What to expect,Where to Watch?

One of the most popular and loved series this year, Walker is an American crime thriller action series which airs on The CW. It is created by Anna Fricke and is based on and is a reboot of the drama series of the 90s which goes by the same name. The season was ranked as one of the top shows of the CW for the year 2020-2021.

It is produced by John K. Patterson. 

What is the plot of the show? 

The show is basically a reimagining of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ which was a hit amongst the masses back in the 1990. Walker tells us the story of a widower and father Cordell Walker,  who after being undercover  returns to his homeland Austria after two long years. 

He makes a lot of effort to reconnect with his kids- his thoughtful son August and his teenage rebellious daughter Stella as well as maintain relations with his family, while working on his relationship with his teammate Micki Ramirez. 

However, he grows incredibly suspicious about the circumstances which involve his wife’s curious death. 

Who is in the cast of the new season? 

The entire cast of the previous season including Jared Padalecki, Lindsey Morgan, Molly Hagan, Keegan Allen , Violet Brinson and others are  a part of the show in the second installment of the show. 

A fresh bunch of characters are also expected to make an appearance and join the original cast. 

When will the new season of The Walker release? 

The dates of the release for Walker season 2 have  hit the screens on 28th October 2021. The latest episode, episode 4 was released on 18th November, and it has stunned the viewers.  The title is It’s not What you think. 

To lure the people who are spying on them, Walker talks to his family about the installed cameras, and pairs with Denise. 

What is expected in the new episode of The Walker? 

The first season was a massive hit, and the same adventurous theme is expected in the second season too.  Many questions have surrounded the death of Walker’s wife in the previous season,  and the latest season gets more and more dark and intense as he tries to solve the case. 

The fifth episode of the show is set to release on 2,December 2021.

Where can you watch the show? 

You can watch Walker on The CW at its usual slot.  You can also catch it on Hulu and it is also available on the Voot Select app. 


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