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Virgin River Season 4: Release Date? Plot? Cast? What Is Known?


It will be a while before “Virgin River” returns to streaming service Netflix with season 4. Now the series makers are releasing the first video from the set.

“Virgin River” returns to streaming service Netflix with Season 4. Now there is a first video from the set. It shows the leading actress Alexandra Breckenridge and her colleagues who are happy about filming the new season.

The video also shows Lizzie actress Sarah Dugdale. The new episodes will show if Lizzie and Ricky can reconcile. Annette O’Toole, aka Hope McCrea, is also back after being barely seen in season 3.

Virgin River Season 4: Release Date

With shooting starting in July 2021, we assume that season 4 of “Virgin River” will begin on Netflix in summer 2022 at the earliest.

Virgin River Season 4: Trailer

Of course, there is no trailer for Season 4 of “Virgin River” yet. As soon as the first images of the new season are available, you will find them out here.

Virgin River Season 4: Plot

Doc goes through an awful lot in Season 3 of Virgin River. After an accident, Hope has to be put into an artificial coma. In addition, his alleged grandson turns up in town. In season 4, we will indeed find out whether Hope survived her accident and what the mysterious young man is all about.

At the same time, something happens that changes Jack and Mel’s relationship forever: Mel is pregnant! Even before Jack found out about it, he decided long ago to ask for Mel’s hand. However, it doesn’t get that far because Mel doesn’t know if Jack is the father. Only one other person could be considered. This will undoubtedly lead to further complications in the next season.

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Preacher and Jack team up and are business partners from now on, while Brie decides to leave town. After her miscarriage and her trauma from the rape, she wants to leave her old life behind.

The situation between Charmaine and Jack is tense. Jack wants joint custody of the twins, but Charmaine doesn’t want to endanger her marriage to Todd. In the new episodes, there is, therefore, very likely a custody battle.

Calvin returns and threatens Brady. He implies that Brady is behind the attempted murder of Jack, or at least he will make it look like that. Eventually, Brady is arrested because the murder weapon was found on him. Brie has to watch as he is led away. The preacher is also ambushed. Will the two of them get out of the matter safely?

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