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Stranger Things: Season 4 Release In March 2022? Here’s What We Know


Season 4 of Stranger Things is one of the most anticipated Netflix arrivals of the past two years. After the arrival of Money Heist Season 5, the only thing every Netflix subscriber is waiting for is the return of Upside Down. But when is the fourth season releasing on Netflix? Here’s everything a fan must know regarding the return of Eleven and the gang. 

Stranger Things Season 4: A Long Waiting Queue

You might be not knowing this, but Stranger Things Season 3 was released back in July 2019. Over two years have been passed since the third season of the iconic Netflix show left fans in a shock with its ending. The fans of the Netflix show have been waiting for a pretty long time now to know the new chapters in the storyline of Eleven and company. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the filming of the show suffered a huge loss, and it was stopped and postponed every now and then. This is the main reason why we still don’t have the fourth chapter of Stranger Things on our TV screens right now. 

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When Will The New Episodes Release?

A few months back, Finn Wolfhard, the actor who plays Mike in the show, dropped a massive update regarding the fourth season’s release. As reported by the actor, the new season of Stranger Things won’t start until the beginning of 2022. Another star of the show David Harbor revealed the exact details while on his appearance at Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show. 

The filming for the episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 was completed in September this year. The new set of episodes are currently in post-production and contrasting on its complex VFX, sound and cuts. It takes a long time for the crew to produce the highest quality output to match the bar the show has put previously. 

However, there are rumors that Stranger Things Season 4 will release in March 2022. The reason behind this assumption is the leaked set of pictures that had a date of April 1986. For an official announcement, we rely upon Stranger Things Day, which is celebrated on November 6th of every year by fans worldwide.

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