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Squid Game Season 2: Filming To Start In ‘SPOILER’, Creator Gives Details!


After the hype surrounding the first season of “Squid Game”, everyone is waiting for information about the second season of the K-Drama. What is certain so far and what series inventor Hwang says.

“Squid Game”: most successful series on Netflix

In less than a month, “Squid Game” became the most successful Netflix series. In just three weeks, 111 million accounts in over 90 countries streamed the K-Drama, as confirmed by Netflix.

That makes the survival drama more successful than “Bridgerton” or “Money Heist” – both series now offer several seasons. Now fans are rightly wondering what the new episodes of “Squid Game” look like. 

New “Squid Game” Episodes Depend On Series Creators

To a large extent, it all depends on series inventor Hwang Dong-hyuk. He expressed himself reluctantly several times when asked about the second season “Squid Game”.

Because the success, on the one hand, is excellent – but that also creates a lot of pressure, after all, the second season should not be a flop! “I wrote the scripts for the nine episodes of the first season all by myself,” says Hwang, “It was a very big challenge mentally, physically and emotionally. The stress was so great, I lost six teeth during production. “

Is There A Second “Squid Game” Season Coming?

Still, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a second season. Of course, in particular, Netflix has a great interest in continuing the super successful series and will undoubtedly offer Hwang every opportunity to continue the series according to his rules. And Hwang himself already has ideas on how to continue.

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What Happens In The “Squid Game” Season 2?

We have already reported that a second season does not have to tell the story of the Squid game-winner Gi-hun (Lee Jung-Jae). 

“There are other stories that haven’t been told yet,” explains Hwang, “For example the story of the policeman and his brother, the front man. If I do a second season I would like to explore this story. How do the brothers relate to one another? And I would also like to tell the story of the recruiter who plays the card game with Gi-hun on the platform.”

Gi-hun might also appear again. After all, Hwang thinks about it in the interview, but his story is not a must: “There are many possibilities which stories can be told in the second season. “

When Will The Second Season “Squid Game” Be Filmed?

Because Hwang has not yet decided, there are no scripts or final acts, and of course, not even a scene has been shot, the millions of fans will have to be patient.

So it is more than unlikely that production will start in 2021. If Netflix, Hwang and possible actors quickly agree, production could begin in the first half of 2022. On the other hand, Hwang would have a lot of stress when creating the scripts – and he says he wants to avoid that. The first season took him six months.

When Will The Second Season “Squid Game” Appear?

If everything meshes perfectly, Hwang have the strength to start the second season early after the first, make everything possible for Netflix, a second season could appear at the end of 2022.

However, “Squid Game” is not an American production that has a rhythm of one season per year. South Korean shows on Netflix have usually had a more extended break of around 18 months.

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