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Son of the forest season 2 : Everything in detail

In the year 2018, a video game came into action named, The Forest. It is a survival and horror-based video game designed by Endnight games. Now, part 2 is announced, which includes so many features. You can do much more in this game. It is like playing a real-life video game on your mobile device. The best part is that the game works offline too so there is no need for data. If you love to play the son of the forest 1, then make sure to check this sequel that includes awesome features.

The son of the forest 1 video game aired on 30 April 2018 for Windows and for Playstation the game came on 6 November 2018. Now, fans are eagerly waiting, especially video game lovers who are looking for a sequel. So, in this article, you will get to know everything about the sons of the forest video game.

Release of Sons Of the Forest

The forest video game was released on 30 April 2018 on Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4 it released on 6 November 2018. So, it has been almost two years since the game and the fans of the game are eagerly waiting for the game sequel. And the makers of the game confirmed to release the game, good news to the fans. But, no exact date is confirmed yet. However, The Forest’s video game sequel will surely come in the year 2021 along with new features and newer versions.

The plot of Sons of the Forest

Sons of the forest are based on the same plot just as The Forest. The game contains building, crafting, survival, and fighting or encountering bad creatures. In Sons of The Forest, one will be able to experience much-enhanced graphics. The very essential aspect of the game is to deal with weapon building and crafting. In this sequel, you can view bigger forests than in The Forest and three players can play at the same time. The whole game revolves around how you will survive in a huge forest. This is the game that doesn’t have any challenges or targets, the players have to make their own decisions to survive from weird-looking creatures.

The storyline of Sons of The Forest

The game’s story describes it as the major character of the game that wakes up in a helicopter and suddenly, he finds himself amid a heavy and dark forest that includes lots of horrible creatures and Zombies. Now, the main character has to survive himself and his friends from these horrible creatures while encountering them. Moreover, the sequel is a bit smarter as you would be able to view many tools. To make the game look more realistic, makers add up a feature of weather where you can enjoy various weather. And the player can survive by making proper strategy.

Releasing platform of Sons of The Forest

The Forest 1 airs on Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4 at varying dates. And as of now, it has been confirmed the sequel of the game would come before the end of 2021. So, it is an essential question for fans to know where the game will air? This sequel mainly focuses to air on the PC version only, a piece of disappointing news for its fans. Besides this, the game can air on various other devices like PlayStation 5, Xbox series S/X, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Although, there is no official announcement about other platforms. All you can do is hope for the best that makers release the game sequel on other platforms too.

Final thoughts

So, a lot of things are there that you can do in this game and the game will keep you busy for hours. Do every work by yourself such as building a house, cooking food, designing furniture, creating tools, and the list goes on. With this new sequel of the game, there are many new features as you can purchase items from other players across the world. So, be ready for an adventurous game! Just wait for the Sons of The Forest game as it will come before the end of 2021, till then enjoy playing The Forest game.

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