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Shawn Mendes Spills Beans On His Social Media Exit


Shawn Mendes takes a break on TikTok and reveals the real reason for his social media breaks in an interview.

Shawn Mendes Takes A TikTok Break – Will He Stop Social Media?

Shawn Mendes can be found on TikTok, Instagram, and Co., like many other stars. Die-hard fans also know that the singer started his career on “Vine”, an app that no longer exists today but functioned relatively similarly to TikTok.

Of course, real fans follow all of the singer’s social media accounts, as Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello like to publish private videos. For some TikToks, fans even laugh at Shawn. But haters are not the reason for his pause in the app: “I’m currently on a TikTok break. When I have it, it’s all to me. I’m a Vine child. Even if they are different, TikTok is a lot more progressive.” Shawn Mendes also revealed the real reason for his TikTok hiatus. He has an extreme social media addiction.

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Shawn Mendes, The Real Reason For His TikTok Hiatus, Is His Social Media Addiction

Is that why Shawn Mendes is going to quit social media altogether? We can reassure you: certainly not. It is far too important for artists to keep in touch with fans. To cope better with his social media addiction, Shawn Mendes has developed a new principle: Now and then, he has to take breaks on TikTok, Instagram, and Co.

“TikTok is great. I have an extreme social media addiction, so I always have to be extremely careful about my balance. I have to delete the apps every now and then.” To avoid losing himself too long in the social media tunnel, the singer has decided to take breaks again and again so as not to fuel his addiction even more. A pretty good principle, which certainly helps him to live more often in the here and now. In many interviews, Shawn emphasized that this is precisely what is very important to him and that he could learn this during the corona lockdown. 

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