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Riverdale Season 6: Pregnancy Alert! Your Favorite Character Will Give Birth To A Baby!


“Riverdale” Season 6 first trailer was released today, and it announced a lot, including the possible pregnancy of Betty.

Now that it is official that there will be a crossover with “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” in the new season, the teaser shows the eponymous Sabrina and suggests a lot of other blatant developments. 

“I Want To Have Your Baby.”

In addition to the gloomy developments in the city of Riverdale, the trailer also shows a conversation and (pretty hot) love scene between Archie and Betty. 

Among other things, the two of them make themselves very comfortable on the couch, on which Betty makes a pretty direct statement: 

There is nothing in the world I want more than to have your baby. 

Okay, wow, that’s more than obvious. And as it looks in a later scene, it doesn’t take long for the two of them to get down to business. However, the two scenes take place at a different point in time, seen in Betty’s clothes. So is the pregnancy that has long been suggested happening? At least one person should be less enthusiastic about it: Veronica! Drama is inevitable.

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Sabrina Spellman Is Back To Riverdale

“Sabrina” fans, in particular, are likely to be freaked out when looking at the trailer because Sabrina Spellman and Cheryl Blossom meet, who is now trying to be a witch. However, some fans may wonder whether this is Sabrina. Spoiler alert! Because at the end of the fourth season, Sabrina loses her life, so how can she show up in Riverdale? 

One theory says that the “Riverdale” episode takes place before the finale of “Sabrina”. Possible. Perhaps Sabrina could get back to the living after all. We would be pleased about it and certainly the fans too! We’ll have to wait until November 16. Luckily, it’s around the corner. The event will consist of 5 episodes, and we’ll be sucking up every single one of them. 

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