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Netflix’s Love Hard Cast explanation, have you seen them before?

Netflix’s new Christmas film ‘Love Hard’ is already aired on the channel on the 5th of November, 2021. The movie is about the love between a girl and a boy who meets on a dating app. The girl is a journalist Natalie and the boy named ‘Josh.’ Natalie was in love with Josh, suddenly she got the idea of giving him the surprise on Christmas by a sudden visit to the United States to meet him. But on arrival, she got to know that the person ‘Josh’ to which she was in love was a different person in the picture.

But instead of this catfishing, she fell in love with the new Josh she met in the United States in the festive season and celebration.  


The public was not satisfied with the plot because of the catfishing allowance; many viewers say this is wrong. This type of plot should not be released on the screen. 

People also wrote on Twitter against the movie, like – “really justifying Catfishing,” another person said, “Okay, this movie seems to be the direction of going in the direction of her ending up with her catfish…… which is a pretty stupid and awful lesson.”

Another person on Twitter said, “can we talk about Love Hard for a second? I have not seen it but based on the trailer, the only acceptable ending is her ending up on her own, loving herself………… Rewarding a catfish is a terrible message…… Choosing the actual person over them is worse.”

So, the movie ethically was not accepted by the viewers somehow, but the character played an excellent role in filming the movie.


  1. Nina Dobrev – as Natalie Bauer
  2. Jimmy O. Yang – as Josh Lin
  3. Darren Barnet – Tag
  4. James Saito – as Bob Lin
  5. Rebecca Stab – as Barb Lin
  6. Harry Shum Jr. – as Owen Lin
  7. Althea Kaye – as Grandma June Lin
  8. Mikaela Hoover – as Chelsea Lin


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