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Mindhunter Season 3: Finally Coming To Netflix! Details Inside


Mindhunter is one of the shows that has been in the headlines even after being halted by Netflix for over two years. Now, after a patient wait of two years, Netflix has finally announced a massive piece of news, and the fans are going crazy. 

Mindhunter: Production Updates

Being a fan of Mindhunter, you get involved in the crime story that has been on hold for two years. Season 2 of the crime drama was released in August 2019. A colossal drama is spiraling around the show’s future. In October 2020, creator David Fincher went public and said that a third season for the show seems unlikable. Since then, the fans have been storming on Netflix with requests for reviving the show. Now, Netflix has finally announced that a third season can happen, but we don’t know when it might. According to some reports, a third season can be expected in the coming 5 years. 

David Fincher Has A Special Announcement!

A new piece of the announcement has appeared on the official Twitter account of Netflix Film. 

“Tomorrow there’s something very special from David Fincher.”

Since the tweet, fans hope that their wait will finally end with the creator announcing the third season for Mindhunter. While many feel that the announcement can be regarding a Mindhunter film, Netflix has not revealed anything about the mysterious project. 

This might disappoint the fans of Mindhunter, but the new David Fincher and Netflix project is a film series titled ‘Voir’. 

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Mindhunter Season 3: What’s The Real Matter?

Mindhunter has been a show that is immensely loved by crime drama fans. The show revolves around the real story of FBI investigators from the 1970s and 80s who initiated the process of profiling. 

Back in April, rumors emerged that Fincher and Netflix are talking about the set of new episodes. But a statement from Fincher dissolves everything about the future of the show. A few months back, Fincher said, 

“it was a very expensive show! We had a loyal fan base – but that never covered the costs!”

This certainly means that Netflix was not recording significant profits with Mindhunter and a third season still has a long path to walk on until it arrives on our Netflix screens. 

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