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Manifest: Season 4’ on Netflix- Release Date, Cast Plot and Everything We Need to Know

Well, after what seems to be a long and hard battle between Netflix and avid viewers of ‘Manifest’, it looks like the show will be back for its fourth and final season on Netflix.

Manifest: Season 4’ Release Date- When Do We Get to Watch the Next Season?

It seems like it is going to be a while before the ‘Manifest’ fans get to view the next and final season of the show. Reports confirm that the show has in fact not started production yet and is yet to come up with a  shooting schedule.

Chatting to one of the famous tabloids, Rake has revealed that they are hopeful that ‘Manifest’ will be in production this year only. They hope to get the shooting started by November or December. So, the show can be expected to air by the mid or end of next year.

 ‘Manifest: Season 4’ Cast- Who’s In and Who’s Out?

Because of the show’s dubious fate many of the cast members made their return difficult. By far, the following actors have confirmed their return on the show-

  1. Josh Dallas as Ben Stone
  2. Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela
  3. J R Ramirez as Detective Jared
  4. Parveen Kaur as Saanvi
  5. Luna Blaise as Olive
  6. Holly Taylor as Angelina
  7. Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance

Jack Messina who played Cal is expected to be departing and Matt Long will be appearing significantly less on the show because of a schedule conflict between Manifest and his new show with NBC called Getaway.

‘Manifest: Season 4’ Plot- What to Expect from the Last Season?

The last season is said to have 20 episodes. The plot will continue the story from the developments in the last season which are believed to have seismic effects. 

Saanvi’s involvement in the death of Sarah’s mother is known to Jared while Cal has disappeared after touching the tailfin. Grace had been murdered by Angelina before the latter ran away with Eden. Eagan and Randall had both been arrested and taken away. The whereabouts of Captain Daly are still unknown.

The season finale of ‘Manifest’ is said to uncover and explain all these mysteries and bring the show to an end. While earlier, the makers had promised six seasons to the show, it appears we get only four but something’s better than nothing. Right, folks?

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