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Lili Reinhart: Someone Just Stole Riverdale Star’s Identity!


Stars already experience many crazy things, but what has happened to Lili Reinhart now is incredible!

Fraudulent pretends to be Lili Reinhart in interviews.

Everything was the same: The first episodes of “Riverdale”  season 5 are out, and the series’ stars are doing a lot of interviews. A little later, an article appears with information from the conversation. But then it turns out: It wasn’t one of the “Riverdale” stars with whom the interview was conducted, but a cheater who imitated the actress. This is precisely what happened to Seventeen Magazin and Lili Reinhart. Fortunately, the magazine discovered the fraud on the same day: 

“We published an article with information we believed to be from Lili Reinhart. However, we were made aware that the person who contacted us was an impersonator and had no contact with the ‘Riverdale’ star.”

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Lili Reinhart Reports On The Incident

The magazine, of course, immediately removed the article from the website and apologized to Lili Reinhart. The actress gave her number to her fans for this unfortunate situation. The actress also spoke up about the incident and posted it in her Instagram story:

“For some strange reason, someone pretended to be me in an interview with Seventeen. Nothing inappropriate was said, but it wasn’t my words.”  

It is also not the only case in which the fraudster pretended to be Lili Reinhart in an interview. A reporter from The Daily Express shared the same day as Seventeen Magazine on Twitter. The interview he shared with the “Riverdale” star on the social media platform led to him also falling victim to the fraudster. Hopefully, the still unknown person behind it will stop doing it now.

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