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James Bond: Who Will Be The Next OO7 After Daniel Craig?

Daniel Craig’s final venture as James Bond was finally released after being stalled for over a year. Now since fans have seen Daniel Craig’s James Bond one last time, questions regarding his successor have started hitting the edges of the internet. 

No Time To Die marks the farewell of Daniel Craig in his role of James Bond. The actor portrayed the character for fifteen good years since his first appearance in ‘Casino Royale’. But we still don’t have much clue about the new OO7, and now we seek answers. 

Producer Spills Beans On The New James Bond

The producer of Bond films, Barbara Broccoli said in an interview about the future of OO7 and when they will be planning to introduce the new James Bond. 

“We want Daniel to have its time to celebrate. Next year we will start thinking about the future.”

No Time To Die being Craig’s last in Bond’s suit, it is entirely understandable that he must have the time to celebrate his role. Nonetheless, there are rumours that we will get confirmed information regarding the next OO7 in 2022. 

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These Actors Have The Chance For The Next James Bond

While we certainly don’t have the confirmation regarding the next star who will be stepping in the iconic character’s shoes. There are still some actors who have a neck-to-neck competition. Tom Hardy and Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page are listed as the most popular contenders in the race.

Moreover, our beloved ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill and the ‘Black Superman’ Idris Elba are also the names sliding up to the list over the past three months. There are also rumours that ‘1917’ actor George MacKay also can step into the role in the future.

The race for the next James Bond remains exciting and surprising, with new names of some of the major Hollywood stars appearing with every passing month. But until we have an official announcement, all we can do is binge watch the grand dynasty Craig has left behind with his final role in No Time To Die.

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