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Fans Mourn Death Of Favorite FRIENDS Actor


For all fans of the hit series “Friends,” comes shocking news today. A famous actor died of cancer. With the “Friends” reunion, many fans could spend a short time in pleasant nostalgia in these challenging times. But shortly after the broadcast, sad news overshadowed the joy: “Friends” star James Michael Tyler announced that he was seriously ill with cancer. The actor, who many fans celebrated as “Central Perk” boss Gunther, has died of his serious illness.

“Friends” Star Dies At 59

As his former manager reports, Tyler “passed away peacefully in his Los Angeles home on Sunday morning.”

As early as 2018, the actor was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, which also commanded his bones. 

“Wanting to help as many people as possible, he courageously shared his personal story to act as the face of a campaign to get people who have prostates to have a blood test when they are 40 years old.” 

Although he had a supporting role in the ten seasons of the hit series, he was also very popular with the actors and a part of the “Friends” family. 

“The world knew him as Gunter (the seventh ‘Friend’), but Michael’s loved ones knew him as an actor, musician, cancer advocate, and loving husband,” says the manager.

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Tyler Held Back On The Reunion

Tyler was supposed to have a more significant role in the “Friends” reunion back then. Due to the advanced stage of cancer, a personal appearance for health and emotional reasons was out of the question at the time. “It was my decision not to be there in person and to zoom in instead. Mostly because I didn’t want to pull the mood down,” the actor wrote at the time. The news hit the series’ writers at the time, Martha Kaufman and David Crane, too. “He was an incredibly kind, sweet man,” the two said in a statement for CNN. We will miss Tyler very much too.

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