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Daredevil Is Making Its MCU Return! Here’s Everything A Fan Must Know


When streaming giant Netflix announced the cancellation of Marvel’s Daredevil. Fans of the show were devastated, as its rights were ceded. Now a rumor has emerged that brings back the hopes that the iconic superhero series can finally continue with its old stars. The show was top-rated among the fans, but it didn’t get a satisfying ending after three seasons. 

The Rights Are Back With Marvel

After almost a year, the rights to the characters of Daredevil have landed back into the hands of Marvel. Rumors also suggest that Marr Murdock, i.e., the Daredevil, will be making an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Also, another speculation suggests that Daredevil villain Kingpin will be in the Hawkeye series. After the Spider-Man and Hawkeye rumors, there is also speculation that the complete cast of the original Daredevil show will return. 

Daniel Ritchman, the infamous industry insider, confirms the news, but there are still no official announcements or confirmations from Disney or Marvel. Nevertheless, the information still sounds fascinating as a Daredevil comeback can be around the edges. 

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Will The Daredevil Series Start Fresh?

Details regarding the Daredevil project are currently unknown, whether it will be a series or a film; it is still a mystery. According to various sources, the original cast and characters may return, but the story will be changed. 

This means that the plot and storyline from the Netflix show will not be taken, but the Daredevil universe will continue in its particular style. There are rumors that Marvel can probably give us a glimpse of a completely new story this time. 

If all these reports are accurate, then it is also possible that a pathway to more canceled Marvel projects like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones can seem likely. Fans of these shows can look forward to the original cast and characters with new plotlines and stories. 

More details regarding the continuation of Daredevil are not known as of now. We hope the makers and producers will shed light on the same in the coming times. 

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