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Cursed: Can The Show Return For Season 2?

Cursed an American fantasy drama released in July 2020 on Netflix is based on the novel “ CURSED “ by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler . It has 1 season and 10 episodes . Katherine Langford starred as Nimue a young women thought to be cursed by her villagers is shunned by them . Her village is slaughtered by the Red Paladins but she manages to escape with Sword of power and instructed by her mother to find Merlin . on her journey to Merlin she finds about her secret history . She even has to struggle with dark and corrupting powers of the sword . She learns to control her power after meeting her father Merlin .

In the end Lady of The Lake nimue is killed by sister Iris . Now lets talk about would there be a season 2 for this series and if yes what could be the story . It was ended the same way it was ended in the original novel she is killed in front of her father and falls in the lake ,this could be the destiny of Nimue as we see many glimpses of this scene in the whole season .

It is confirmed by Netflix that Cursed season 2 is cancelled because it didn’t live upto expectations and wasn’t able to draw enough viewers with imdb rating 5.9 . After the cancellation of the series some loyal fans started raising campaigns . Wheeler also gave hint that there could be another novel . If another novel gets released and somehow the makers of the series thinks of making the season 2 then what could be the storyline .

Let’s pick from where we left , we’ve seen Nimue’s death scene in the end of season 1 . In another season sister Iris could be the main Antagonist as we’ve seen her getting a very higher post in the end . Merlin can also go to the dark side as it was seen . Another possibility could be that Nimue ended up being captured by Lord Rugen as he wanted to kill her . But it is confirmed that if there is another season then Nimue must be the antagonist as she was narrating the story in past tense .

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