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Cowboy Bebop: Netflix Amuses Fans With Exclusive Clip


With a new video for the Netflix version, “Cowboy Bebop” pays homage to the cult anime. Andre Nemec and John Cho chatted beforehand about the live-action implementation.

New pictures of the Netflix stroke of genius “Cowboy Bebop” are already making fans’ hearts beat faster. Then the opening in the style of the cult anime topped it all off, and as an extra. Fans get a treat with the clip “The Lost Session” served. The anime “Cowboy Bebop” has achieved cult status today and is a welcome guest in the top lists of the best anime of all time.

While showrunner André Nemec and Spike actor John Cho chatted about their vision of the live-action implementation of the cult anime, Netflix presents their next coup with the opening of the new “Cowboy Bebop”. This reproduces the original intro sequence of the anime almost one-to-one, including the title track “Tank!” by the composer of Yoko Kanno.

Suppose some movements and animations don’t seem relatively as smooth as in the anime. In that case, fans of the original are looking forward to the Netflix interpretation of some characters. Such as the killer clown Pierrot Le Fou or the eco-terrorists Space Warriors. Even the hosts of the bounty hunter show Big Shot, Punch and Judy, have made it into the live-action adaptation.

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Here are live-action implementations not feared by anime fans wrongly. But “Cowboy Bebop” gives the impression that the adaptation is carefully taking on the original. 

“I promise, we don’t want to dispute the anime among you purists. It will always exist for itself.” 

Said showrunner during his conversation with Entertainment Weekly.

Is There A Release Date For “Cowboy Bebop” On Netflix?

With the announcement that composer and musician Yoko Kanno is contributing the music to the Netflix anime. The streaming giant initially only announced a period for the launch. It is now official that “Cowboy Bebop” will be released worldwide on Netflix on November 19, 2021.

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