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Call the midwife season 10, where to watch, and will there be any latest episode coming of it?

 Season 10th of the ‘Call the Midwife’ was aired on the 3rd of October, 2021. PBS member had pre-access to the series Well, now talking about Season 10, the season starts with the scene of 1966, which was the time when the officials of London was in search of midwives and nuns in the Poplar district mainly. On the other hand, Dr. Turner is dealing with several complex and different cases, primarily focusing on a Nuclear test Explosion in the community in which a former soldier is involved. 

The Plot also includes nurse Trixie helping sister Julienne, trying to find the Nonnatus House out of its agitation. 

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Another essential role in the season is of ‘Trixie’ who is given the title of ‘Punctual as you are ornamental’ from Lady Emily’s doctor. Trixie has a questioning nature; she continues to question The Lady Emily about her workings. Talking about the working, her anger got forwarded to the wealthy women; she argued how easily rich women could have safe and hygienic abortions.

Where to watch

You can stream on your mobile on the streaming channels like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku. The live streams could also be watched on the THIRTEEN apps.

Expected Episode

As of now, there is no news regarding any new episode; stay tuned for the latest updates regarding the show. This season will only have seven episodes only. Well, the great information is that, that Season 11 is confirmed to be on the screens. The expected release date can be assumed to be in January 2022. 

Another great news is ………….. The British network ordered that Season 12th and 13th also going to be shot, and that is the biggest news for fans all over the world. That means the series can stay in the talks till 2024 expected. 

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