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Bryce Hall Hosted ‘Squid Game’ In Real Life


Squid Game is officially Netflix’s most-watched series, with 111 Million households watching the show till the day. The hype is so big that almost everyone talks about the Korean series, even some of the biggest TikTok stars. The fans have already started filing petitions for a second season. But what will happen if someone has the idea of holding the ‘Squid Game’ in real life. It’s none other than Addison Rae’s ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall. 

Bryce Hall: Squid Game In Real Life

As told by Bryce, the game in real life won’t be brutal as seen in the show, and it won’t go to the same extent. However, it will be a small event where the participants can win prize money. $2000 instead of $20 Million. 

There were three challenges that the participants had to win and overcome to win the prize money in the show. The first game was ‘Red Light, Green Light’. In Bryce’s ‘Squid Game,’ when ‘Green Light’ is shouted in this particular game, the participants have to move forward to the finish line. Now, when ‘Red Light’ is called, they have to stop. If any motion is detected, the participants are shot with a paintball gun and taken out of the game. 

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The second game similar to the show is ‘Tug Of War’. There’s no pit where the players fall in Hall’s version, while there is a massive pool between the two teams. Anyone who got wet was taken out of the game. 

Everyone who succeeded in the first two games goes into the one last round, ‘Sumo Wrestling’. In the game recently hosted by Bryce Hall, six participants ended up getting into the final round. And in the end, one of them became the last one standing and won the $2000 prize money.

Seems fascinating. We hope that similar to Bryce Hall; other famous personalities also take part in the Squid Game rounds in real life to make it more fun for the fans. 

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