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Brain Laundrie Dead! Accused And Boyfriend Of Gabby Petito Is Found Dead!


Now it is clear: Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie are both dead. But how exactly did their death drama unfold? Investigators are puzzled.

The Death Of Gabby Petito

The Gabby Petito case went around the world: The Instagrammer disappeared without a trace. Her body was found on September 19. Her boyfriend Brian Laundrie also disappeared and has been wanted by the police ever since. Now the human remains and belongings of Brian Laundrie have been found. But the death of Instagram star Gabby Petito is not clarified. On the contrary: the find raises further questions.

Cause of Brian Laundrie’s Death

The cause of death of 22-year-old Gabby Petito was a crime since she was strangled. So far, many suspect that Brian could be involved in Gabby’s death. However, he was not officially charged with her murder but was labeled a “person of interest.” This happens when the police do not have sufficient and incriminating evidence.

Brian’s death is now several times tragic for the investigators, and this also means that everything Brian knew about the death of Gabby could be lost with him. Because meanwhile, the recently found remains have been identified as Brian Laundrie.

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His Cause Of Death Is Still Unclear.

 Finding this out is now the focus of the investigation, as it could also help clarify Gabby’s case. It is believed it may take a few weeks before the cause of Brian Laundrie’s death can be established, if at all.

The search is for clues such as traces of gunshot wounds on bones or broken bones. Animal bite marks could also provide information. 

However, it is also possible that no traces can be discovered, making it impossible to determine the cause of the death. 

The great hope is also placed on the found Brain Laundrie notebook. This could shed some light on the drama that happened between him and his fiancée Gabby Petito.

What’s On The Notebook?

What’s on the notebook? That is an important question. It is unclear what condition the notebook is in and whether data and content can be restored. A source claims to the US channel CNN that the notebook should have been wet when found but could “be saved.” 

Which files or information could be stored there is unclear and currently pure speculation. Investigators hope to find more information about Gabby’s murder or even a confession from Brian. 

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