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Army Of Thieves 2: Is A Sequel Coming?

The question of an “Army of Thieves” sequel answers itself: As a prequel to “Army of the Dead, “Zack Snyder’s zombie film already continues the story of Ludwig Dieter that began in “Thieves.” Still, a sequel is certain. 

Army of Thieves 2: When Will It Release?

The sequel to “Army of Thieves” seems to be a done deal (we will tell you more about that below). However, there is no release date yet, so patience is required here. The next chapter in the zombie series is not expected to release on Netflix until 2023.

Army of Thieves 2: What Will Happen Next?

“Army of Thieves” ends with Gwendoline and Korina being arrested, while Sebastian / Ludwig travels to the USA with a forged passport and there a locksmith’s shop called “Gwendoline’s Safe & Lock Co.” opened. He gets a visit from Scott Ward and Maria Cruz, a scene we already know from “Army of the Dead.”

The conclusion of Ludwig’s story also seems to be known: At the end of “Army of the Dead,” he pushes Vanderohe into the vault to protect him from the zombies. Ludwig himself is killed by Zeus, the leader of the zombies.

But, and this is crucial, we don’t see Ludwig die. One of the oldest rules in film applies here: If the death of a character, or at least its corpse, is not shown, then it is probably not yet dead.

It seems unlikely that Ludwig could get out of this hopeless situation, but even director Zack Snyder admitted that Ludwig’s fate is still open. And he revealed even more.

Will Army of the Dead 2 Be Army of Thieves 2?

With several living protagonists, “Army of Thieves 2” offers better conditions for a sequel than “Army of the Dead 2” because almost all main characters died there.

Since the infected Vanderohe freed the zombie virus from Las Vegas, the story can, of course, continue, just with new characters or old friends. Because wouldn’t it be wise to let Korina, Gwendoline and Ludwig play the leading roles in “Army of the Dead 2”?

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