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Another Life Season 3: Is It Happening On Netflix?


After a long interval of time, Another Life returned with its second season on Netflix. Since its arrival, the Katee Sackhoff show fans have been waiting for the announcement of its third season. Here’s what you must know about the third season of Another Life.

Two years after the premiere of its first season in July 2019, Another Life made its way to Netflix with a second season on October 14. The second season consisted of 10 episodes and can be seen exclusively on Netflix as we wait for an official announcement for its third season.

Another Life: Will It Have A Third Season?

The show was renewed for a second season two months after its first episodes debuted on the streaming giant. On the other hand, the end of season two leaves a vital door opened with the possibility of its continuation.

Netflix usually takes time to study the statistics of any show before renewing it for a new season. It is expected that Netflix might take a month or two to confirm if the adventures of Salvare and his crew will continue. If the show is renewed, it is assumed that the official announcement will be made public in December 2021.

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When Will The Third Season Release If Renewed?

If Netflix confirms a third season for the show, we might have to wait for a year to see it make its way to the screens. The wait won’t be as long as it took for the second season to arrive because the restrictions implied due to Covid-19 have been lifted off at major states. If the show is renewed this year, we will probably see the third season in September 2022.

What Is ‘Another Life’?

Netflix’s Another Life follows the story of a crew after an unidentified flying object lands on Earth. Scientist Erik Wallace (Justin Chatwin) tries to make contact with the alien ship. In contrast, Wallace’s wife, Nicko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff), tries to find the ship’s origin and establish a connection with the species that sent it.

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