About us

Pamdemocrat.org is a coming of age news media organization that invigorates the accurate routes of entertainment journalism. Our firm provides its readers with authentic and fresh entertainment news stories marking our news portal as the ultimate reading stop for the entertainment geeks. At Pamdemocrat, we try to serve our readers with the latest and the most talked news stories of the past twenty-four hours.

Our firm is backboned by some of the most enthusiastic professional journalists, who tend to create an ecosystem of authentic and accurate news stories. In the times of hoaxes and fake news, Pamdemocrat marks itself as an initiative to do the right and share the right with the readers of today and conquerors of tomorrow.

Our Mission:

Pamdemocrat believes in being the voice of those who can’t make it to the headlines. Our mission is simple, we at Pamdemocrat believe that every person who looks towards it as a dream can read the real news stories about it until they become the headline of our news stories one day.