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365 Days 2: Release Date On Netflix? What Is Known?


Since the mega-success of “365 Days”, fans have been waiting for information about part 2 of the Netflix film. Everything about the release, production, actors and the new love triangle with Michele Morrone has been into the headlines.

The Success Of “365 Days”

The Netflix hit “365 Days” was hotly debated and criticized by viewers around the world. The film was one of the greatest successes of the streaming giant in 2020. Despite allegations of sexual violence, unhealthy images of women, and the glorification of the Mafia, the gangster movie has been streamed millions of times.

The film about the love between Mafia boss Massimo and ordinary girl Laura is based on author Blanka Lipińska’s novel series. So far, the Pole has written three books on the love story. The Polish production is a springboard to world fame for the leading actors Michele Morrone and Laura actress Anna Maria Sieklucka. And, despite negative reviews, fans are waiting for the story to continue.

Filming For Part 2 And Part 3

In May 2021, the shooting of the two films “365 days – this day” (part 2) and “365 days more” (part 3) began. Both films were shot simultaneously in one piece.

Laura actress Anna Maria Sieklucka confirms in an interview on YouTube: Yes, we shot both filmsThe story is over for us. It is very sad for us. We are all like family, we have so many memories and experiences.

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What Happens In “365 Days” Part 2?

In general, the second part will also be based on the novel by author Blanka Lipińska. In the sequel, fans experience the new life of Laura and Massimo: the two are now married, and Laura is pregnant. Wealthy life is excellent, but Massimo is still the mafia boss. Laura is only the weak point of the Mafia, and it makes the pregnant woman the target of further opponents. 

Laura Star Anna gives a preview of the film: “I can’t reveal much, but the second and also third part will be a surprise for the people. Fans of the books will already guess what I’m talking about. But what I can reveal: it will be more humorous in certain places. And there will be even more emotions in play.”

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