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Horimiya Season 2: The Show Is Not Officially Cancelled

The first season of the show was a huge success and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen any new episodes. But don’t worry, because there are still plans for more! We’re so excited to see what happens next in this series that has captured our hearts. It’s one of those shows you can’t help but love with its comedy and drama. So if you haven’t watched it yet, now is your chance! Watch Horimiya Season 1 on Crunchyroll today before the release date for Season 2 is announced!

It’s possible that Horimiya Season 2 will not happen now, but Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura’s relationship has advanced to the next level, so what about the friends’ relationship in OVA episodes? Is there a second season of Horimiya? Is there a way to watch the anime series without watching the manga?

The first season of Kimi no Hitomi was completed a few months ago. The anime has a huge, dedicated fan base and the sequel’s release is eagerly anticipated. Although no dates have been confirmed yet, it appears that it will air in 2017. The fans have been asking for more episodes of this excellent series, which is one of the most popular throughout the season.

The final program is being eagerly anticipated. As of this writing, it has not been confirmed whether or on what terms the sequel to Immoraty will be produced. As previously reported, there is no word yet for a potential second season.

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Given that it has a IMDB score of 8.5/10, which is somewhat higher than the combined 7.7/10 average, it’s clear that audiences all over the world appreciate it. Its MyAnimeList rating is 8.49/10, indicating that many people enjoy it. Although this adaptation is based on the original manga, fans have argued that there isn’t enough source material for a second season because Season 1 of the anime adaption has already covered the bulk of it.

However, if the producers of this program announce anything official about its renewal, we will undoubtedly provide you with all new information.

When Is The Second Season of ‘Himorimiya’ Coming Out?

The creators have not officially canceled the series as of yet, but there are virtually no chances of a sequel due to the fact that the first season utilized a time skip and focused on the manga’s last chapter.

However, the remaining several plot elements are yet to be revealed in the next film, so OVA episodes or a feature that covers the rest of the narrative, similar to what CloverWorks did with Bunny Girl Senpai, are both possibilities.

In any case, the producers have announced that a second season will be available in 2022 or 2023. If something official happens, we will notify you.

Horimiya Season 2 Cast

As of now, the creators of this program have not officially canceled it or renewed it, therefore we do not have an official list of the cast at this time. Many characters graduated from high school in the first season finale, implying there’s little probability that their classmates will feature in season two. The cast will generally include only three or four players.

  • Izumi Miyamura is played by Kouki Uchiyama.
  • Kyouko Hori is played by Haruka Tomatsu.
  • Kyousuke Hori is played by Daisuke Ono.

The other personalities may still appear in future installments.

  • Yurie Kozakai as Yuki Yoshikawa
  • Honoka Sawada is played by Momo Asakura.
  • Toru Ishikawa is played by Seiichirou Yamashita.
  • Remi Ayasaki is played by Mao Ichimichi.
  • Shuu Lura is played by young actor Fukuyama Jun.
  • Sakura Kono is played by Reina Kondou.

Horimiya Season 2’s source material

There have been no official comments from the producers of Horimiya. The Horimiya manga series comprises a total of 122 chapters, which have all been adapted into TV anime, including the last chapter, in which the Katagiri Senior High School students get their graduation ceremony.

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However, certain manga chapters were anticipated by fans but were never included in the anime. The final episode concluded with a brief slideshow that outlined several of these issues. It’s also safe to assume that Season 2 won’t be made because the anime wrapped on a positive note with no dangling threads.

Season 2 of Horimiya is expected to follow the events that occurred during the first season.

In Season 1, the story of Horimiya is about Kyoko Hori, a beautiful and well-liked young woman, and Izumi Miyamura, an introverted and reserved guy. Although they went to the same high school, their social standing and convictions are poles apart.

Outside of school, on the other hand, they meticulously cultivate their personalities to conceal who they are outside of the academic institution’s four walls. Izumi, on the other hand, prefers to dress like a geek when he goes outside. He’s got piercings in his ears and a tattoo on his arm.

Kyoko, on the other hand, prefers to dress down and look after her little brother Souta. The two come into contact again after the winter break, when Mirai is ambushed and taken to a secret base. When she awakens, she learns that Shoko has discovered her secret; however, because of the promise they made before their separation, neither of them wants anyone else to know about it.

As the story goes on, the two develop feelings for one another. They finally express their love for one another at the conclusion, and their pals accept and back them. The two were seen receiving their high school diplomas in the prior season’s episode. We’ll also see if Izumi and Kyoko’s relationship develops further in the event that the program is renewed for a second season.

The first season’s source material has already been used up. If the anime is to be continued, it will need to devise a new plot in an unusual and connected way to the existing narrative. If you want to learn more about what’s going on in the entertainment world, continue reading.

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