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The Wilds Season 2 Release Date , Cast All Updated Information Here

Amazon Prime Videos is popular among viewers as it offers various unexpected entertainment shows. According to this, this streaming platform delivers an amazing show called “The Wilds” to viewers in December 2020. The story revolves around a tragic aircraft accident that includes eight young women who have been left behind in an isolated place. The writing, narrative, and direction of this show gain lots of positive reviews from viewers, and the show’s story also gains lots of positive feedback.

After the release of season 1, fans are very thrilled about the upcoming storyline and are eager to view some unexpected events in The Wilds season 2. As the plot goes ahead, the show arises with a new storyline that includes fascinating characters and offers the viewers an exciting experience. Would there be a new part of “The Wilds”? When would season 2 come? Here is all the information regarding The Wilds season 2.

Release date of The Wilds season 2

It will be a while since season 1 has launched on the Amazon platform, and there is still time to release season 2. Pandemic outbreak causes a delay in filming of season 2 episodes and it would not be released till all episodes get completed. Till the full completion of the show, there would not be an exact date of release. So, due to this, it could be anticipated that The Wilds season 2 would release around mid-2022. Viewers will get to watch the show soon if the production work goes on smoothly.

Cast of The Wilds season 2

As the final part of season 1 caused some doubts about whether various actors would return or not in season 2, here is the list of some characters that would undoubtedly return in season 2.

  • Shannon Berry – Dot Campbell.
  • Mia Healey – Shelby Goodkind.
  • Helena – Nora Reid.
  • Sarah Pidgeon – Leah Rilke.
  • Erana – Toni Shalifoe.
  • Sophia Ali – Fatin Jadmani.
  • Jenna Clause – Martha Blackburn.
  • Reign Edwards – Rachel Reid.

Plot of The Wilds season 2

The plot of the show revolves around eight young females who got stuck in an isolated place due to an aircraft accident. During their stay on the fascinating island, a chain of various strange happenings start to surround them, making them speechless. During the conclusion of season 1, it becomes clear that eight young women were left on purpose in a lonely place. They were under surveillance, and at the last minute, some interaction was seen with an abandoned young man. Season 1 is a big hit and created a major smash among viewers. As a result, the audience is eagerly waiting for another season.

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