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What is a skinwalker tiktok? New trend takes over platform

Weird things are encountered from day-to-day life, right? Currently, hashtag skinwalker is trending on TikTok with 601 million views. Isn’t it enormous? People are posting short clips and videos of creatures that look like skinwalkers, and these incidents are caught right now by cameras. There isn’t a point to deny as people around the world take this thing seriously.

According to Navajo culture, Skinwalker’s are hunting creatures that hunt living organisms and take up their body to form a human and animal-like identity. They lure people by sounding like humans, and once they trap, they kill and take up their bodies. It is considered to be a Native American Legend creature. It is a deadly and highly harmful witch; they have the power to possess living beings and turn themselves into animals form.
In Navajo culture, witches are treated as magic casting evil who try to manipulate people. The threat of them being real is solely because of beliefs attested among people. The trend of skinwalkers took up the heat in 2020 and looks like it is back on track. TikTok users claim to see Skinwalker in their surroundings, and they are likely recording this natural act on the go.

A user named @fire_warrior182 shared a video that has almost 620,000 views about a common form of Skinwalker. In the video, he shows a creature with human-type legs and the body of a coyote. His caption was, “This is the most common form one would take.”
Another user, @that1cowboy, with almost 10 million views on one of his videos, expresses his experience as a skinwalker. In the video, a person is riding a horse and suddenly hears the sound “hey!” the horse suddenly turns back in the opposite direction to escape the situation.

Yet another incident of a skinwalker mimicking a human voice to lure people was shared by @followpeteandash. They are driving a car and suddenly hear a strange sound or, more likely, a scream in the video. They express that it was an animal and human-sounding noise and can be a skinwalker. People share their concern saying that it is Skinwalker’s way to lure people and warn people not to get attracted or even attempt to step towards these voices.

The latest trend is taking over the Tiktok platform and is very viral in countries like the Philippines, USA and Europe. Many said that this is a creepy challenge on Tiktok. Share your thoughts on this challenge.

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