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Batgirl: Brendan Fraser Will Be The New Villain! Firefly Alert!

Much information about the new “Batgirl” movie has not yet been released. But now there is news that many fans will enjoy: Actor Brendan Fraser (“The Mummy”) will play the villain Firefly in the upcoming HBO Max production. Fraser will join the actress Leslie Grace, who will appear as “Batgirl,” daughter of the Gotham police chief Jim Gordon.

Fraser Spills Beans On His Involvement

For Fraser fans, the announcement of HBO Max is cause for joy. Because the actor has not been seen on the screen too often in recent years. Fraser took on primarily speaking roles in “Titans” and “Doom Patrol” and has only appeared again in Steven Soderbergh’s “No Sudden Move” since then.

He also signed for Martin Scorcese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” and Darren Aronofsky’s “The Whale.” “Batgirl” completes Fraser’s comeback on the screen. An unusual role for the actor, who mainly took on hero roles and now slips into the skin of the pyromaniac criminal Garfield Lynn, known as Firefly.

The character Firefly was introduced to DC Comics back in 1952. Initially, the character was an unemployed special effects professional who used lighting effects to commit robberies. The character was later introduced as a sociopathic pyrotechnics expert covering his severe burns with a fireproof suit.

“Batgirl” Is Based On “Year One.”

The story of the HBO Max production was kept confidential. However, one can assume that “Batgirl” will be based on the comic miniseries “Year One.” It tells the story of Barbara Gordon, who is prevented from starting a career as a law enforcement officer by her overprotective father. In the beginning, Barbara has to compete against Firefly and Killer Moth under her alias Batgirl.

“Batgirl” is produced by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and written by Christina Hodson. The new superhero film should come to HBO Max as early as 2022. 

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