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High School Musical: When Disney Censored A Song

“High School Musical” star Ashley Tisdale revealed that Disney interfered in her song “He Said She Said” pretty badly.

“High School Musical” star knows how to entertain her fans with great and shocking news. Everyone was happy for her when she gave birth to her baby, sweet little Jupiter Iris French.

However, that could only partially comfort the shock when Tisdale made it clear that she would never be in front of the camera or on stage for “High School Musical” again . Now that she has revealed how tyrannical Disney was towards her, we can hardly blame her for this decision.

Tisdale had to defuse this song because of Disney

As many “High School Musical” fans know, Tisdale and her colleagues from the film took part in the “High School Musical: The Concert” tour, which went across North America.

The singer and actress had released her first album, “Headstrong”, at the same time. So, of course, the timing was pretty convenient for her. However, there was one song that the decision-makers at Disney absolutely didn’t like on this album, namely their hit “He Said She Said” from 2007. She was allowed to perform her songs during the tour – but she had to play this special one Make a change to the song, as now revealed in a TikTok video.

That word was too much for Disney

The lyrics that Disney was a thorn in the side reads as follows: “Baby, I can see us movin ‘like that / Baby, I can see us touchin’ like that / Baby, I can see us kissin ‘like that / We don ‘t need no more than he said, she said.” Sounds pretty harmless at first, doesn’t it? We can understand that “touchin ‘” didn’t go down so well with Disney, right?

Funnily enough, the “house of the mouse” was bothered by a completely different word. “Disney forced me to change ‘kissing like that’ to ‘dancing like that’ for the HSM tour,” the actress writes in her video. Okay, that was unexpected. In Disney films, the heroes always can’t get enough of kissing, so it’s a mystery to us why the company didn’t want that on the “High School Musical” concert tour.

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