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Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her One True Love! Guess Who’s He?


In an Insta post, the “Stranger Things” star reveals who was her first big love. We can’t blame her.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown recently shocked fans with some stark facts about herself. No, it wasn’t about when the start date for the fourth season “Stranger Things” would be. And unfortunately also not whether the hit series would end with season 5 . Rather, it was about much more exciting things: who the young actress is really into. Many “Twilight” fans will be able to understand their first big love very well.

“My First Love Was…”

In the post, the “Stranger Things” star addresses burning fan questions, all of which are answered pretty cool by her while she is putting on make-up. 

It doesn’t take long before a viral question comes up, “Who is your celebrity crush?” Brown stumbles a little over the word “crush” and says that it had a negative vibe for her. Instead, she speaks of her “first love.” Who is the lucky person? Not one of her “Stranger Things” colleagues, but actually “Sharkboy.” Who is that? Well, for “Twilight” fans, he is more known as a werewolf than as a “shark boy.” We’re talking about Jacob Black, known in real life as Taylor Lautner, of course. A good choice that Brown made for her first great love.

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Brown Answered Other Questions

In this context, it is hardly surprising that when asked which famous person she would most like to meet at Starbucks, Brown has a clear answer: “Lavagirl!” By this, Brown means the character from the film “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.” Taylor Lautner is known to play Sharkboy and his colleague Taylor Dooley, the “lava girl.” The film was released in 2005, and Brown seems to have fond memories of it. Should his acting career be over at some point, the star already appears to have a plan B and would switch industries as ice-cold. Because according to another question, Brown would love to be part of the Spice Girls. She even had her name ready: “I would like to be called ‘Hungry Spice’ or ‘Flower Spice’.” Sure, we’d love to do it.

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