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Gabby Petito: Police Found New Lead On Brian Laundrie


Everyone is looking for Brian Laundrie. Where is Gabby Petito’s ex-fiancee? Gabby Petito fulfilled a dream with a road trip through America, but then everything turned out differently.

Who Murdered Gabby Petito?

This event shocked the whole world. And it still does. The Instagram star Gabby Petito just wanted to have a good time with her fiancee, Brain Laundrie. They organized a van and went on a road trip to the USA. But then suddenly, Gabby’s parents received no more signs of life from their daughter. No calls, no messages, nothing.

Brian returned, but without Gabby and refused to give any testimony. The parents of the 22-year-old immediately reported their daughter as missing. A short time later, however, the police found Gabby Petito’s body. Brian runs away, and so far, he has not been found. A few days ago, Gabby’s autopsy revealed her cause of death. Gabby Petito was strangled and thus murdered. 

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New Tracks: Will Brian Laundrie Be Found Soon?

Brian Laundrie is said to have been seen on a country road near a small town in Florida. A street camera is said to have recorded him. Whether it is really Gabby Petito’s ex-fiance is now being investigated. Some clues have already been passed on to the police as to where Brain could be, which turned out to be false. Is this track now correct? 

A former friend of Brain Laundrie’s has a clear opinion of him. 

“He never came across as the kind of person who was the killer guy. But he had this tendency … I don’t want to say the wrong thing and make him look worse than he is, but he was someone who was fast could freak out and was pissed off!” 

What happened on the road trip will not be evident until the police and the FBI find the 23-year-old. We wish the family and relatives of Gabby Petito a lot of strength.

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