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Pennyworth Season 3 Comes To HBO Max! Details Inside


Pennyworth is returning with a third season at HBO Max. Here’s everything you must know about the show.

Pennyworth is the prequel to ‘Batman’, which revolves around Bruce’s butler Alfred Pennyworth. For a long period, fans were hoping to see an update for its third season, and now finally, the show has been renewed. The show will be now released on HBO Max. 

Pennyworth: When Is Season 2 Releasing?

The wait is not that long. The upcoming season of ‘Pennyworth’ will return to the HBO Max screens in 2022. However, an official release date is yet to be announced by the makers of the show. 

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Pennyworth Season 3: What Is It About?

The third season of Pennyworth will start five years after the English Civil War ended. The third season will make closer moves towards the world of the Dark Knight. Previously, in the second season of the show, we saw Bruce’s older sister. Many fans were surprised to know that our Gotham vigilante had an older sister. With a 5-year time jump, it is possible that we might see her again alongside her baby brother Bruce. 

Pennyworth Season 3: Cast & Production

Nothing much about the cast of the third season has been revealed so far by the show makers. Jack Bannon will undoubtedly be returning to the show, and we will see familiar faces like Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne in the new season of Pennyworth. Moreover, Season 3 will include:

  • Emma Paetz as Martha Kane
  • Dorothy Atkinson as Mary Pennyworth
  • Paloma Fauth as Bet Skyes
  • Ramon Tikaram as Inspector Aziz
  • Simon Manyonda as Lucius Fox
  • Ryan Fletcher as Wallace McDougal
  • Harriet Slater as Sandra Onslow

The show has been transferred from Epix to HBO Max. The announcement for the third season comes just after the announcements of much-awaited DC movies and TV shows in FanDome. 

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