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Doctor Who Season 13: Actress Is Leaving The Show! Release Date And Other Updates


BBC dropped the teaser for Doctor Who Season 13 a week ago, and now an official trailer has been made public. The new trailer for the show reveals many new creatures, new characters, and some anticipating new situations. 

Old And New Monsters At The Same Time

The recently published trailer gives us a glimpse of the new monsters but does not fail to provide the old interaction we were looking forward to for a long time. We see previews of Sontarans, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and Ood alongside some new faces. 

GoT Star Joins The Party

The thirteenth season of DoctorDoctor Who will be coming with a new title, ‘The Flux .’ It will also mark the last season where we see Jodie Whittaker step into the Doctor’sDoctor’s shoes. Moreover, Chris Chibnall, who serves as the current showrunner, will also be leaving the series. His replacement will be Russell T. Davies. 

In Season 13, we will meet some new faces, which include GoT actor Jacob Anderson. He will play the role of Vinder, a new ally who comes from the future. 

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Doctor Who Season 13: When Will It Release?

Chibnall was in charge of writing and producing the thirteenth season of Doctor Who. The season will consist of six episodes and is scheduled for an October 13 release date. 

Three specials will follow these six FLUX episodes. The first in the timeline will be released on New Year’s Day 2022, the next in mid-2022, while the last will be released in late-2022, marking Jodie’s final appearance on the screen as the DoctorDoctor. 

In the third special, the Thirteenth Doctor will regenerate and get replaced. Previously, BBC had confirmed that due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the number of episodes where cut short from 11 to 8. After the six episodes, the three additional specials can be counted as the final run for Season 6 and give it a total of 9 episodes. 

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