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Wonder Woman 3: Patty Jenkins Confirms Sequel Updates


Wonder Woman 1984 emerged as a movie that somewhat saved the DCEU from its utter dark storylines. While the movie also got held into several controversies, its director, Patty Jenkins, always emerged as defending the franchise. In the DC FanDome event, the director has confirmed that Wonder Woman 3 is currently in the works and will be coming to the big screens in the coming few years. The director spoke to actress Lynda Carter while spilling these details.

Carter is the actress who portrayed the role of Wonder Woman in a 70s series of the same name, and she was last seen in the sequel of Wonder Woman. Her role in the complete movie was brief and was loved by the fans. We can undoubtedly state that she will be returning in Wonder Woman 3. 

Wonder Woman 3: What Was Revealed At DC FanDome?

In the DC FanDome event, Carter and Jenkins spilled beans on the movie. In the conversation, they said,

“We are very excited about Wonder Woman 3.” 

By ‘we,’ the director referred to herself and Gal Gadot, who plays the role of Princess Diana in the franchise. 

Moreover, Jenkins did not drop any further information about the storyline or the villain of the third movie. 

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Wonder Woman 3: When Will It Release?

The DC Universe is crowded, and the production house already has some significant releases until 2023. The Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, and many more productions already have a release date, so it can be said that Wonder Woman 3 will arrive only after 2023. 

On the other hand, the director herself has many ongoing and scheduled projects. First on that list is the premiere of Red Alert on Netflix. Jenkins is also part of a Star Wars movie whose rumored title is Rogue Squadron. Apart from these, Jenkins and Gal Gadot have announced that they will team up again for the remake of Cleopatra.


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