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Riverdale: What’s The Mystery Behind ‘Rivervale’? Here’s What We Know


In the season finale of Riverdale 5, what seems to be a new era for the TV series has begun. After Hiram’s shady attempts, the town is finally free. The town will return to the pleasant place it once was with a new commission at the helm. Archie’s primary goal during the episode is to get Riverdale back on the maps.

After exiling Veronica’s father, Andrews proposed that the villagers appoint Tabitha, Alice, Frank, and Toni as councilors. Those present agreed, and thus a new chapter should open. Indeed, Archie takes care of installing a different sign at the entrance to the city. Which still retains the name of Riverdale.

With the sixth season promo, which kicks off on November 16, we learn that something has changed. First, the first five episodes of the season will be a sort of event story. Which should end before the Christmas hiatus. Roberto Aguirre Sacasa has anticipated that this arc of season 6 will present some horror colors and change its name: from Riverdale to Rivervale.

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Crossover With Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Confirmed!

Indeed, always during the season finale of Riverdale 5, it seems that Cheryl has launched a sort of curse. The same one was established by her ancestor Abigail Blossom, after being sentenced to the stake by the ancestors of Archie, Betty, and Jug. The effects of this “spell” are already perceived in the promo.

Speaking of possible witchcraft, the theory that Kiernan Shipka and his Sabrina Spellman could appear in the new episodes had also recently begun to run. The young actress had been spotted in Vancouver, where the shooting of the teen drama takes place.

We have already received confirmation from showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa that we will see a crossover between Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina within the first five episodes. More than this, however, we do not know. We will get more information about the name change for the city during the premiere.

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