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Squid Game: 3 Things That Doesn’t Make Sense! Loopholes!


Everyone celebrates the new Netflix series “Squid Game”. But as good as the story of the K-Drama is, some things don’t make sense or are a big mystery.

Four hundred fifty-six failed gangsters, cheaters, or addicts fight in an arena in several games for a million prize money. The winner gets it all and would be rid of all their worries in life. “Squid Game” is different, exciting, and not for nothing the most heavily hyped series on Netflix.

But as good as the story is, some things don’t make sense if you’ve been paying close attention or remain a mystery, no matter how long you ponder. Although the creators of the series manage to clear up many questions that arise during the nine episodes of the mini-series, the end itself also raises new questions.

1) Jun-ho’s Cell Phone

It seems safe to say that the policeman Jun-ho, who can sneak onto the island unnoticed, will probably not have a charging cable or battery with him.

Nevertheless, the police officer takes everything he can see on the island. In the first scene where he uses his smartphone with the files of all Squid Game events, you can see that his battery is not fully charged. Assuming there is a game every day, Jun-ho will be on the island for about a week.

Which battery lasts a week? Does he always turn off the cell phone? And how can the cell phone in the bag stay so perfectly dry when diving several kilometers underwater in a simple zip-lock bag?

2) Bad Surveillance

Everyone has probably seen the XL surveillance room, in which the players and the guards are checked. There are cameras and guards everywhere.

Even if they have help from the control room that the scammers who cannibalize corpses for organs don’t get caught.

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3) How Is Gi-hun Alive?

Gi-hun (Lee Jung-Jae) returns home at the end of the games to find his diabetes mother dead. The cheerful gambler falls into a depression, and the billions in prize money that he was able to take home as the winner of the Squid Games does not make him happy either.

He is so traumatized that he does not touch his winnings and leaves the money in the account. Viewers experience this in several situations in the last episode. The only question is: if Gi-hun didn’t use the money, how could he get rid of the gangsters to whom he owed money.

After all, he was in debt, and the villains had threatened to harvest and sell Gi-hun’s organs. How did the squid game-winner get out of the position without using his money?


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