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3 Actors & Their Alcohol Addiction That Destroyed Their Careers

Stars and alcohol are more often a couple than many can imagine. The pressure, the attention, the enormous amount of money all factors that overwhelm many celebrities and drive them into various addictions. And unfortunately: once addicted, always addicted even if you manage to get dry.

Harry Potter “star Daniel Radcliffe

The “Harry Potter” star became famous in his life when many were currently in 5th grade. Suddenly he was exposed to an enormous amount of attention, which hit the young star a lot.

In an interview, the actor spoke of the tough times that drove him into alcoholism: “People with problems are very good at hiding them. It was bad. I don’t want to go into the details, but I drank a lot every day, every night.”  

Even if he loved his job then as now, he had to keep pulling back to withstand the pressure. In the meantime, however, thanks to close friends, he has learned to find other, healthy strategies to deal with.

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Zac Efron

Zac Efron is also one of the stars who were in the spotlight very early on. The actor became famous for his leading role in the “High School Musical” franchise, which wasn’t particularly good.

He was addicted to narcotics and alcohol and had to go to a rehab clinic twice a year when he was in front of the camera with Seth Rogen for “Bad Neighbors” and had a party there almost every night. 

Johnny Depp

The star has been suffering from alcohol addiction for a long time. After separating from his wife in 2016, he “drank vodka in the morning and started to write until tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t see anything.

He said he had spent “far more” than $ 30,000 on wine alone and soon found himself in “personal and financial ruin”. As early as 2005, he commented on his alcohol problems: “I spent years poisoning myself. I was very, very good at that. Better to stop. Now I look back and ask myself, ‘Why? Why did i do this'” 

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