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You Season 4: Confirmed By Netflix! Here’s What You Must Know


The third season of You is around the corners and will be releasing worldwide tomorrow on 15th October. Now, with the great happiness of a new set of episodes arriving, the fans can get more pleased with a piece of news Netflix has just dropped regarding the show’s future. Netflix has officially renewed the stalker drama for a fourth season a day before the release of its third season. 

The lead actors of the show previously revealed in interviews that will undoubtedly blow a fan’s mind. As reported, Love and Joe will move to a new small town because they are expecting a baby. Baby’s name is said to be Henry, and the storyline promises enough material for a fourth season which is now officially confirmed. As the third season of Joe’s saga comes tomorrow to our Netflix screens, one can be completely relaxed as it has been renewed for a new season already. 

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What Does This Renewal mean For The Show’s Future?

The popular Netflix series “You” is based on the books by Caroline Kepnes with the titles “You,” “Hidden Bodies,” and “You Love Me.” “While we were reading Caroline’s books, Greg (Berlanti) and I were instantly captivated by Joe Goldberg and his twisted worldview,” series producer Sera Gamble told Variety.

“It was exciting to see Penn bring Joe to a creepy but also convincing life. We’re so grateful that Netflix has shown You so much support and that people all over the world have enjoyed Joe in the past To see three seasons go all wrong. The whole You team is really looking forward to discovering new, dark facets of love in season 4.”

With this last little sentence, a lot of fans were sure to be made happy. We don’t know much more about “You” Season 4, but we can be sure it will be creepy again. 

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