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Squid Game: Is Cop Jun-ho Dead? Wil He Return For Season 2?


Squid Game is on its way to becoming Netflix’s most-watched show in the history of its streaming titles. The hit Korean series revolved around 456 candidates who got together on an island to play games commanded by some masked soldiers. Six children’s games are played during a period of seven days, and every person to gets eliminated gets shot. But, what keeps everyone still staying in the game is its enormous prize money of 45.6 billion won. 

The end of Squid Game Season 1 left the fans with some unanswered questions and a pile of fan theories which are only increasing with each passing day. One of the most popular questions is regarding the death of cop Jun-ho. In the final episode, we see Jun-ho getting shot and falling down the cliff. But is he dead? Here’s what we know about the same. 

Front Man And The Missing Brother

There was a character who had his mission to accomplish as he got inside the game. The policemen Jun-ho was investigating the dirty minds behind the game as he looked for his missing brother. 

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In ‘Front Man,’ Jun-ho gets face to face with the VIPs. After grabbing enough evidence, he tries to flee from the island and is trapped on the edge of a cliff. He faces a mysterious man on the ridge, who turns out to be his elder brother In-ho. In-ho asks his younger brother, the cop, to accompany him in the game, for which he refuses. After the denial, In-ho shoots him and throws our beloved cop off the cliff. 

A Complete Cliffhanger 

Since the ending of Season 1, fans are now wondering and asking whether Jun-ho survives the fall or not. The scene was the last appearance of Jon-ho in the series as of now. While the shot was not fatal, the cliff looked relatively high, by which we cannot certainly guess whether he is alive or not. 

This also becomes confusing because a sudden death of a character won’t be unusual for the series. If Jun-ho dies with some critical information regarding the VIPs and the island, it could mean that the mysterious game is not getting unveiled to the people anytime soon. But if he returns in Season 2 with a pile of proofs without his brother and the VIPs expecting it, it could make the storyline more exciting. 

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