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Hanna Season 3: Trailer And Release Date Announced! Here’s What We Know

New York Comic Con came with a piece of excellent news for the fans of ‘Hanna’ as the trailer and release date of the third season were finally unveiled after a considerable delay.

The trailer for the Season 3 of Hanna was recently revealed, and it presented us with a lot of action, suspense, and a new disastrous villain. The new set of episodes that are six-hour-long will return to our mobile and TV screens on November 24th, 2021. The new season will continue Hanna’s journey, a young woman trained to be an assassin. Actress Esme Creed-Miles portrays the character who the Utrax created.

Ray Liotta As A Nasty Secret Service Worker

Previously there were rumors about Ray Liotta joining the cast of the third season as Gordon Evans. Now it is finally confirmed. Liotta will portray Gordon Evans’s role, a former military man and secret service officer. Evans, in simple terms, is a man with a rigid moral code who goes to any extend if it comes to the protection of his country. 

In the third season of Hanna, our lady assassin will try to destroy Utrax from within. Former CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos) will act as the supporting part for Hanna. As Hanna gets closer to the destruction of Utrax, she gets to know a disastrous plan that might change the world and the real face that stands between her freedom and Utrax. 

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Hanna: Producer Wants To Make The Show Bigger

The executive producer of the show, Tom Coan, said at Comic-Con that he is willing to make ‘Hanna’ a bigger show and more dynamic and sophisticated. Produced by NBC Universal International Studios, the show will return with its third season on November 24th, 2021. Until then, you can watch the two previous seasons of Hanna on Amazon Prime Videos. 

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