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Riverdale: Season 6 Will Have A Crossover With ‘Sabrina’

Riverdale Season 5 ended, and with the end of its fifth season. A new update about the sixth season is already here. A much-awaited crossover will occur in Season 6 and will be the most awesome crossover we have ever seen. Yes, you read it right. A Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover is about to happen. 

Riverdale Season 5 Finale Confirms Crossover

The end of Riverdale Season 5 left fans with a terrifying ending and many questions. Spoilers ahead. Hiram Lodge hires a ghoulie to set fire in our beloved Pop’s Diner. While Veronica, Archie, Betty, and Jughead banish the villain away from the city. Season 5 ends with Archie and Betty in the bed getting disturbed by some mysterious ticking sound. Which turns out to be a bomb fixed under their bed. 

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Hiram Lodge leaves town while we see a massive explosion behind him. Whether Betty and Archie survive this bombing is not known now, and this is scary. Riverdale producer has hinted that Season 6 of the show will have a character death. As we talk about Hiram Lodge, this was the character’s last appearance on the show. He won’t be a part of the new season. As the plot moves ahead, it is known with a mysterious twist that Cheryl learns about her family’s epic witch history. This puts a curse on Riverdale.  Now the pathways for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover, which was being staged for the past two seasons. 

The Crossover Will Be Legend-wait-for-it-Dary

So it’s finally happening. The Riverdale and Sabrina crossover will take place in the sixth season of the show. After the events of Cheryl discovering the witch history of her family, Sabrina is on her way to Riverdale to save the city from the curse. The news has been officially confirmed by the producer of the show Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Cheryl discovers secrets about Abigail, her relative who was accused of practicing witchcraft in Riverdale. Who shortly before her death, she left with giving a curse to the town of Riverdale. 

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