Top Tourist Attractions In Malaga

Malaga lies in Spain’s southern most province Andalucia.

If you want to add in a sprinkle of adventure into your holiday stay and take a break from the summer blistering heat then I’ve got a treat for you today.

I’ve listed several places below that I have personally visited and can assure you are well worth a visit.

You have no excuses. If you can hire a car that’s great and provides flexibility for you to go way of the tourist trails to explore more beautiful places.

Ok if you don’t have a hire car or can not afford one then public transport could be an option or private buses and trains can get you so far.

Malaga Minibus, Fun Ways To Travel in Andalucia

If none of them appeal to you or you are in a large group and still want to explore but all together then book a transfer with a private minibus company. There are several to choose from and there is a great price comparison post on Malaga Travel Guide’s blog here that looks at the leading Minibus transfer companies in Malaga Airport for a popular transfer to Puerto Banus



Alcazaba fort was built in 1040 to protect king Badis and the Zirid dynasty from invaders. The fortress sits on top of the highest hill in Malaga its one of the best preserved forts of its time. It was built by Moorish Muslims and based on roman design which you can see from the columns and pillars and the roman theatre.



The castle lies on the Malaga hill overlooking the city and the sea it was built in the Phoenician Punic period by the Moorish king Yusuf I from the kingdom of Granada the castles name comes from the words yabel (hill) in Arabic and faruh (lighthouse) in Greek the word Gibralfaro means lighthouse hill.



Guadalhorce natural park is the home of a beautiful village called El Chorro situated among the flowing mountain range it is rated a climbers paradise with exceptional conditions.

In the village for the more energetic you can hire a bike and enjoy a day in the beautiful hills and mountains surrounded by the Andalucian landscape.

n the side of the mountain near El Chorro village is a old mountain walk way called the Caminito Del Rey (as seen above) also known as the kings walk its over 100 years old and hangs 150 feet up on the side of the mountain many people have been killed trying to complete the walk around the mountain walk due to its state of disrepair. The walk way has been under repair for 2 years and the completion has seen it open to tourists in April 2015.

El Chorro is only 30 minutes train ride from Malaga Maria Zambrano station in the centre of Malaga.


Diego Siloe built the cathedral in the 16th century it is known as the Catedral de la Encarnacion It was built on the site of a mosque that had stood for eight centuries of Muslim power the cathedral construction continued until the 18th century and to this day the south tower and the main facade are still unfinished. There is a museum within the cathedral which can be visited free of charge. In the old days the sea used to come up as far as the cathedral.


The museum was founded on 26th Feburary 1988  it is a public foundation built under the direction of the City Council the building was constructed in 1861 and it went through a renovation in 1997 it houses ceramics , sketches and classic pieces of Picasso.

You can find the museum in the city centre it is a short distance from the Cervantes Theatre during the buildings restoration Phoenician and Roman remains were discovered and are now on display in the basement of the building.


This is the birth place of Picasso it is situated in a large walking plaza the square is full of cafes and exhibitions.


Museo Taurino Antonoi Ordonez is the home the bullfighting museum inside the La Malagueta Bullring at houses a in depth guide into bullfighting in Malaga and the rest of Spain.


Torremolinos has one of the best beaches on the Costal del Sol it is a popular with Spanish and tourists alike ideal for family holidays.

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